4311 Swampscott Currents Team Wiki

About 4311

Welcome to the Swampscott High School Robotics Team, the 4311 Swampscott Currents! Every year, our group of dedicated members participates in FIRST Robotics Competition, where each enrolled team is given six weeks to build a robot that plays a specified game. While engaging in FRC, students learn not only how to build a robot, but teamwork, financial and social skills from which they can benefit later on in life.

This Wiki documents both the operation of 4311 and many of the skills employed by team members. To read more about what 4311 is, or gain a deeper understanding of how the team is organized, see About the Currents.

Contributing to the Team Wiki

All members are encouraged to participate in the creation and maintenance of the Team Wiki. The Team Wiki is meant to serve a multitude of purposes:

  • Store useful information about robotics, from mechanical to programming, especially knowledge not readily found within official FIRST documents.

  • Store team-specific information, like how to operate 4311's specific tools or use 4311-designed software libraries.

  • Allow for new members to gain basic knowledge about the team's operation and their chosen subteam(s).

  • Set formalized expectations for team operation, detailing things like the structure of team management and duties of the captains.

  • Allow for team knowledge to persist between years and student turnover.

  • Provide an accessible, easily-modified platform where team members can collaborate to expand 4311's collective intelligence.

  • Provide organized, quick access to reference materials.

Between team administration, mechanical, electrical, and programming, there is plenty of information to be added to the Team Wiki! Adding a page is very simple - the Team Wiki is stored as a Google Sites on the 4311 Gmail account's Google Drive. To add information, open the Google Sites file using a Swampscott account and create a new page. Please confer with a captain before modifying existing information.