Electrical Components

12V Lead Acid Battery - Power source for robot, plugs into power distribution panel

Power Distribution Panel - provides power from battery to all things on the robot

Breaker - power button for robot, also acts to protect robot from drawing to much current

Motor Controller - controls how speed and direction of corresponding motor

Motor - changes electrical energy to mechanical energy … makes robot do things

Voltage Regulation Module - Provides constant voltages for sensors, cameras, lights, etc.

Solenoid - opens or closes channels for compressed air, used to activate pneumatic pistons

Pressure Switch - Reads air pressure and stops compressor once 120psi is reached

Air Compressor - Compresses air for use in Pneumatic setups

Pneumatics Control Board - Controls solenoids, air compressor and pressure switch

RoboRIO - The brain of the robot, communicates with laptop and gives instructions to robot

Radio - Allows robot to communicate wirelessly with a computer

Camera - I mean... I think its kind of self explanatory?

Robot Signal Light - A light that displays when the robot is on

Servo Motor - Small motor with limited range of motion, useful for precise movements