Competition overview

Competitions are exciting events that occur at the close of each build season. They are the culmination of countless hours' work and an opportunity to take pride in the robot that 4311 has built. District competitions start on Saturday and end on Sunday, from around 8 AM to 7 PM each day, and usually consist of about 30-40 teams. At the start of competition, 4311 participates in qualification matches, where the robot competes with other robots for ranking points. At the end of the qualification round, the eight teams that accrue the most ranking points become "alliance captains," and pick two other teams to compete alongside them during the elimination round. The three-team alliance that wins the elimination round wins the event. In addition, awards are given out to teams which excel in various categories (like having an aesthetically-pleasing bot).

There are quite a few jobs to do during FRC events. A field crew is responsible for driving the robot during matches and taking it to/from the playing field. A pit crew makes repairs to the robot in-between matches. Scouters profile other teams to determine their strengths/weaknesses and assess whether they would make good partners for the elimination round. Just like during build season, there are things to do that suit almost any interest.

4311 at a district event in 2019.

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