Admin Background Information:

Administration in previous years has been more of a behind-the-scenes type of job which comprised of two to three members only. Yet, as our team has grown more and more successful on the field, the responsibilities as an admin personnel has become strained. In our 2019 and 2020 season that original formation was scrapped for a model that way better suits the role of a "subteam". As of the 2020 season, our admin team has comprised up to 10 members unofficially. Though great numbers compared to the original, it is always great for this team in particular to gain more people. Since this 2020 season we will apply for awards, it is always great to have more than 1 person writing the drafts for these awards so all ideas are considered. Besides awards we mostly focus on paperwork as well finances that are later detailed in the subsections of this page.


Though briefly highlighted in the previous section, there are a number of responsibilities when being part of the administration team. The first responsibility that is often overlooked is being a leader. As essentially the backbone of the team, people in the administration team as well as the captain of this subdivision must learn the ins and outs of leadership. It is alright if one is not a natural leader in itself but being on this team no matter what subteam you fall into, leadership is important to being a valuable member on the team. There is more about how to be a great leader in the subsections below. As of 2020, another responsibility we have is applying for awards as well as the whole process that goes along with that. If you choose to take up a task that involves the drafting for an award make sure to analyze what it asks for and complete the task with the requirements in mind. **In the future write a guide to drafting awards. The biggest task that a leader of admin has to take up is finance. Finance goes anywhere from fundraising to writing one of the many grants we write every year. Remember, without the money, there is no team. More will be highlighted in the subsection below.

Admin Captain History

Though not as important as the sections highlighted above, this little section serves as a little "timeline" of Administration Captains over the years. In the 2017 season the Administration Captain was a member named Olivia. After she graduated, Admin then was passed on to a member named Kyle Lenihan for the 2018 and 2019 season. After being admitted to Syracuse University, for the 2020 season the position was given to Leo Rudfeld who, to the best of his ability, reformed admin to the current model we use now. After the 2020 season he decided to step down in order to take over a more mechanical role in the realm of CAD. Leo passed it onto the current writer of this team wiki also known as Neirit Mahabub. **Future Administration Captains please update