Soldering in 4311 is a useful skill to have as being able to fuse wires together in different ways expands the limits of what a robot can do greatly. To get started soldering obtain a soldering iron with a (mostly) non-corroded tip, a spool of solder, can of flux and whatever wires you wish to solder. *Do not forget to find some adult supervision before you begin.* Plug in the soldering iron. While it heats up, make sure the wires you wish to solder have been stripped and proceed to dip the exposed wire into the can of flux. You want the wire to be coated in flux, but not over saturated. Then proceed to twist the exposed wire leads together. Once the soldering iron is heated up, touch the tip of the iron to the wires, while simultaneously touching solder from the spool to the same contact point. Some smoke should be released as the flux burns and the solder should melt as it soaks into the wires. Once cooled, apply heat shrink or electrical tape to the exposed part of the wire. Congrats you have soldered your first wires! Although messy, it will become easier over time and your skills will improve.

Dipping wire into flux to prep for soldering

The process of soldering after twisting wires together

An example of properly soldered wires