About subteams

The 4311 Swampscott Currents use subteams to organize projects based on the skillsets that they require. Though members have the ability to move between subteams, working on projects of their choice, most members choose a "specialty" subteam that aligns with their interests. Each subteam is led by a corresponding captain. This section details the formal responsibilities of each subteam. For documentation about the various activities of each subteam, or to learn more about one's chosen specialty, see the subteams section.


The mechanical subteam is in charge of physical robot design and construction. It is responsible for:

  • Training new members to safely and effectively use tools, like drills and saws.

  • Training new members in robot design and construction, including assembly of components like gearboxes, and the use of tools like CAD.

  • Maintaining all tools/machines in the STEM room to ensure their safety and efficiency.

  • Creating and testing prototype subsystems for the competition robot.

  • Building the competition robot, including assembling the frame, gearboxes, and subsystems.


The electrical subteam is in charge of wiring the robot. It is responsible for:

  • Training new members to safely and effectively construct electrical circuits.

  • Training new members in wiring a standard FRC robot and all its required electrical components.

  • Designing and constructing electronics boards for the competition robot.

  • Installing and wiring all electrical components of the robot, including auxiliary devices like cameras and sensors.


The programming subteam is in charge of writing robot code. It is responsible for:

  • Training new members to safely and effectively write and test robot programs.

  • Training new members how to use WPILib and other APIs in order to create robust robot programs.

  • Deciding what sorts of input-output the robot should use, such as sensors for object detection or joysticks for robot control.

  • Writing software for optimal robot control during competition, with both autonomous and remotely operated modes.


The administration subteam plays an especially important role in team function. It is in charge of the business aspect of 4311, and is responsible for:

  • Generating capital for the operation of the Swampscott Currents by applying for grants/sponsorships and organizing team-wide fundraisers.

  • Preparing award materials such as Chairman's Award applications and competing for awards at competition.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with sponsors.

  • Overseeing team purchases and financing.

  • Designing and ordering team merchandise, like team shirts and hats.

  • Managing the team's website and social media.

  • Making season recap videos each year.

  • Promoting the 4311 Swampscott Currents and attracting new members.