System Layout

Required elements

As stated previously, the compressed air stored in pneumatic systems is quite powerful, and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Because of this, FRC has careful rules around how to configure pneumatics. Teams are allowed to store up to 120 PSI of pressure. However, pneumatic cylinders may operate at a maximum of 60 PSI. On any FRC pneumatic system, the following elements are required:

120 PSI (Storage) Side

  • 1 air compressor

  • 1 pressure release valve

  • 1 pressure gauge

  • 1 or more air tanks (to store air for later use)

  • 1 pressure switch

  • 1 manual release valve

60 PSI (Usage) Side

  • 1 regulator configured for a maximum of 60 PSI

  • 1 pressure gauge

  • 1 or more solenoids connected to pneumatic cylinders

A more detailed description of the rules surrounding pneumatics may be found in the 2016 FRC Pneumatics Manual.

Layout diagram

The diagram below displays an FRC-legal pneumatics configuration, and how to put everything together.