Downloads overview

Programming and running robots requires multiple pieces of software. The following is a list of downloadable programs used by 4311 for different parts of FRC software development.

Robot programming

The following programs are used for writing robot code:

  • WPILib: the software suite that includes the libraries necessary to code FRC robots. It as has VSCode, the IDE (integrated development environment) employed in FRC, as well as the robot dashboard tools SmartDashboard and Shuffleboard used by robot drivers. An installation guide may be found here.

  • CTRE Phoenix Framework: the software bundle that contains the libraries for interfacing with Falcon 500s and other CTRE devices. It also includes Phoenix Tuner, an incredibly useful interface that can be used to configure and test CAN devices, such as motors.

  • GitHub Desktop: a GUI-based version-control program that allows team members to upload their code to the code-sharing website GitHub. 4311 has a GitHub organization where all projects are stored.

  • Visual Studio: an IDE whose features are required for simulating C++ robot applications on desktop.

Programmers should also consult the Common Libraries section, which lists some team-specific APIs employed during robot development.

Robot control

The following programs are used to prepare robots for competition and control them during matches:

  • FRC Game Tools: The software bundle that includes the programs necessary for enabling/driving the robot. It also contains the roboRIO imaging tool, which must be used each season to update the roboRIO's software. If the roboRIO is not updated for the current season, it will not work at competition. In addition, it has the radio configuration tool, which is used to configure radios for robot testing.