Team Guidelines


This section contains guidelines detailing how the team should be run and the roles of team members. Team members are expected to understand the team guidelines pertinent to them and follow them to the best of their ability. The administration of team guidelines is subject to the judgement of the captains and the mentors.

Goal of guidelines

4311 seeks to be a competitive FRC team without sacrificing fun. Due to the complex and expensive nature of robot building, it is necessary to treat the team like a small business - after all, the team needs to do everything from fundraising and PR to robot design and construction. Businesses must be well-organized to be successful. Therefore, the contents of this section are dedicated to setting forth guidelines for the team's operation. These guidelines are meant to formalize many of the "de facto" rules used to run the team in years past. Any policies in this section are meant to be general guidelines for team management, because the team has found that such policies contribute to the team's growth and success. It is important to recognize that circumstances do change, so any rules within are intentionally left vague and should be changed if the need arises.

Captains should be thoroughly familiar with the team guidelines.