Things to Keep in Mind

Numbering Parts

Parts on 4311 are numbered according to a strict numbering system. Only the parts themselves are numbered; the part studios are labeled according to the parts function. There should not be any instances of ""Part 1" anywhere within one of our Onshape documents.

The way that parts are numbered follows: [Team-Number]-[Project-ID]-[Subsystem-ID]-[Part-Number], an example is 4311-20RDS-INDX-03

Team-Number: Our team number is 4311, therefore [Team-Number] will always be "4311"

Project-ID: Represents the project that we are working on. There is no convention for this number other than it should be around 5 characters. It is determined at the beginning of the project. For example, if we are redesigning the 2020 robot, the Project ID can be "20RDS"

Subsystem-ID: Represents the assembly that a part belongs to. A full list of assembly IDs can be found below. If the part belongs to the indexer subsystem, the ID would be "INDX"

Part-Number: Shows the point that the part is sequentially within a Subsystem's folder. Part Numbers should always be 2 digits, so if a part in the single digits should have a 0 before it. A part that is 3rd down the folder list would be labeled as "03"

Subsystem IDs

  • Intake

    • INT

    • The subsystem that takes game pieces from outside the robot and moves them to the indexer

  • Indexer

    • INDX

    • The subsystem that indexes game pieces and transfers them to the outtake

  • Shooter

    • STR

    • A type of outtake that launches game pieces through the air

  • Manipulator

    • MAN

    • When the intake and outtake is combined on one subsystem, it is labeled as a manipulator.

  • Outtake

    • OUT

    • If an outtake can't be classified as a Manipulator or Shooter, it will be labeled as an outtake

  • Climber

    • CLM

    • The subsystem that helps the robot lift itself up onto whatever required objective

  • Standard Content

    • STRD

    • The items that are reused everywhere on the robot and are imported.

  • Drivetrain

    • DT

    • If we begin to build custom drivetrains, this is how we will label the parts with.