About team members

Team members are the students who make up the team. Thanks to its high number of dedicated members, the Swampscott Currents has become a very successful organization! 4311 is largely student-run, and team members are involved in everything from managing the team's finances to building the competition robot. As a team member, one has countless opportunities to learn new things, take on leadership positions, and most importantly, have fun.

General team member expectations

What you get out of 4311 is what you put in. It is almost certain that, the more committed a team member is, the more they derive enjoyment/experience from 4311. As such, 4311 encourages all members to attend all team meetings for their full duration. That being said, high school is a busy time, and many students have other things going on. Because of this, team members are not required to attend all meetings. All team members are expected, however, to be productive when they are present.

Being productive (and having fun) on 4311

The SHS robotics team is a very unique extracurricular, as it requires skillsets from almost every field imaginable. No matter what a member is interested in, there is a place for them on the team! To allow for flexibility of this sort, 4311 organizes its members into subteams, which each focus on a different area of the Currents. Members can work on existing projects alongside a subteam captain or take on a leadership role and create their own.

Leadership roles:

No matter what time of year it is, 4311 needs active, committed members to design and manage projects. Whether one holds a captain title or not, it is possible to take charge of a task and help execute it. Being a leader is simple - to do so, identify a project or shortcoming of the team that needs to be addressed, devise a plan for how to do so, and work with the captains and other team members to implement it. This behavior is what the Crockalin' Board is meant to encourage, but it extends to the off-season as well. If one observes that the team would benefit from the use of CAD, for example, one could design a plan for how to implement CAD on 4311 and work with the captains to execute it. Please see the administrative section on leadership for further advice.

During the off-season:

While the FRC season is not currently active, the team works on fundraising, outreach, training new members, and making internal improvements. Members reach out to sponsors and start social media campaigns, work on build-season prototypes, and help train new members in various specialties. Members choose to contribute to projects where they feel their skills would be beneficial, or projects that they would like to learn more about.

During build season:

Members choose tasks on the Crockalin' Board to complete, working in groups to plan, construct, and test the competition robot.

Team culture

The 4311 Swampscott Currents seek to foster an informal, yet efficient environment. If team members are bonding and having a good time, they are typically more productive; if everyone works effectively, team members can more easily have fun and make friends. 4311 simply asks that all members maintain a positive, respectful attitude during meetings. Engineering a robot often requires debating over things like design, and all team members are encouraged to share their opinion on issues being discussed (one great way to be a leader is sharing one's opinion during a debate). Arguments like these are only comfortable, though, if everyone approaches the discussion in a responsible manner. Joking and light teasing are perfectly fine - those are simply parts of normal conversation - but when members are having a debate over something, they approach the topic objectively and professionally. In addition, the 4311 Swampscott Currents adhere to all schoolwide policies regarding harassment/discrimination.