Electrical Backround:

The Electrical subdivision is an important aspect of creating a functioning robot and revolves around wiring up all of the sensors, motors, batteries and processing devices. In short if it uses electricity and resides on the robot it is Electrical's job to make sure it functions as intended.

The 2020 electronics board being wired.

Table of Contents:

Things We Have Learned:

  • Plan electronics boards in advance. Both placement and layout should be planned along with the CAD model of the robot.

  • Cables should always be neat and organized. Not only does it look good, but it is easier to see where things go.

  • Keep things condensed. Place all components close together to avoid running lots of cables

  • Buy spare radios, VRMs, PCMs and Radios as they have been known to break sometimes.

  • Use newer batteries over older batteries when possible.

  • A red "X" on the back of a component means it is dead and you should not use it.

  • Build a small shield for the power button to avoid accidentally being powered off during competition.